Stonnington Community Swaps

  • two individuals share second-hand items for swap


Winter St Park OR Rockley Gardens (please refer to each event)



Discover the joy of a shop where everything is absolutely free! Welcome to Share&Swap Shop – a community "shopping"! Join us in sharing your pre-loved items and swapping for re-loved treasures, all in a lively pop-up setting. Just like an op shop or garage sale, where everything is free.

What to bring? Anything non-bulky that you'd comfortably share with close friends.

Think clothes, shoes, books, kitchenware, plants, cosmetics, seeds, garden harvest, pet items, postcards, kids’ items, toys, puzzles, bags, photo frames, jewellery, art supplies, hobby items, umbrellas, stationery, long shelf-life food etc.

Dates of the community swaps:

  1. Sat, 20 Jan Winter St Park - community swap + back-to-school section
  2. Sat, 3 Feb Rockley Gardens - community swap + back-to-school section
  3. Sat, 24 Feb Winter St Park - community swap
  4. Fri, 8 March Rockley Gardens- community swap (kindergarten and primary school are welcome to come for an excursion)
  5. Sat, 23 March Winter St Park - community swap
  6. Sat, 20 Apr Rockley Gardens - community swap
  7. Wed, 24 Apr Winter St Park - community swap (kindergarten and primary school are welcome to come for an excursion)
  8. Sat, 4 May Rockley Gardens - community swap

Your registration helps us organise this event.

Let's connect to actively contribute to a sustainable future of our community and the planet at large!

Supported by the 2023-24 City of Stonnington Activation Grants Program


Winter St Park community swap is coming tomorrow!

Hi neighbours,

How exciting that you are coming to our tomorrow's Winter St Park community swap - Share your pre-loved items and swap for re-loved treasures!

Thank you for joining your neighbours in reducing waste and promoting circular economy!

A few things to remember:

  • Bring max. 10 items to share. Please join us, even if you don't have anything to swap;
  • Please ensure whatever you wish to share is of a quality you would comfortably share with a friend;
  • Examples of items to share: clothes, shoes, cosmetics, books, kitchenware, plants, harvest, paintings, postcards, kids’ items, toys, jigsaw puzzles, bags, photo frames, jewellery, art and hobby items, umbrellas, stationery and food with long shelf-life.
  • Please, no bulky items like furniture and electrical items;
  • Please register your items from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. No "shopping" during this time;
  • The Share & Swap Shop will be open from 1:00 to 3:00pm;
  • As weather is going to be hot, we encourage you to bring water with you - there is no drinking fountain in the park itself.

In case you have spare time, we would appreciate your volunteering help setting up this community event - just reply to this email. Thank you!

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates from us and future events. And tell your friends about your free shopping experience.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Masha and Meenakshi from your Share & Swap Shop