Urban Heat or Cool Green Community Forum


Victorian Pride Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, 3182, Australia



You are invited to a community forum on the City of Port Phillip’s draft Urban Forest Strategy and the future of our tree canopy.

Two Futures, One Choice:

In one scenario, our city’s tree canopy diminishes, exposing our community to the harsh reality of urban heat. In another, a lush tree canopy transforms Port Phillip into a cool green haven. Let’s explore the path that ensures a thriving and resilient future.

Expert Insights:

Jen Witheridge (City of Port Phillip Coordinator Urban Forest) and Greg Moore (Senior Research Associate, University of Melbourne) will reveal the benefits of canopy cover and address challenges on the journey to a cool green future. Gio Fitzpatrick (Local Naturalist) will talk about the importance of planting for increasing local biodiversity.

Community Dialogue:

Engage in a dynamic Q&A session, sharing your visions for the City of Port Phillip in the years ahead. Be part of the discussion shaping a more sustainable and resilient urban environment.

Meet the Experts:

  • Jen Witheridge: A multidisciplinary urban greening specialist leading the City of Port Phillip’s Urban Forest Strategy.
  • Greg Moore: A distinguished Senior Research Associate with expertise in arboriculture and environmental services.
  • Gio Fitzpatrick: A local naturalist and biodiversity commentator well known for his work at Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve.